Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

My mom, dad, and brother came up for Thanksgiving. Casey's back was hurting her so she wasn't able to come. We sure did miss her. But she was able to go with Grandma to Sue's Thanksgiving dinner.
We had the boys and they loved playing with Derek and my dad. Justin found a new BFF with Derek. He loved him and followed him everywhere he went.
I had to work at 6:30 that morning and got off at 12:30 and rushed home to get the turkey in the oven. I had never cooked a turkey with stuffing before so it took some time and a few phone calls to my mom, but I finally got it in the oven and cooking. The family showed up around 2:30 and we just hung out, talked and the boys played games. Mom and I got some of the food ready, but the turkey was supposed to be done around 7:00. Well I checked it at 7 and it was not at all done. To make a long story short, finally around 8:00 we just cut off some of the top meat that was finished and the turkey was officially done around 10:00 pm!! What we figured was some of it was still frozen. But I bought it Monday so it would have 4 days to defrost and it was still frozen. I was so mad and frustrated, but my mom told me it happens to everyone. I just can't believe it takes that long to defrost. But we had a great Thanksgiving and the food was really good. It's just crazy how much time goes into it and it took us like 20 minutes to eat.
Next year, we are going to someone else's!!!! :)
On Friday we went shopping! We went to Wal-Mart where dad got him a couple of tv's, mom bought the boys some video games for Christmas, and Jerry and I just bought some odds and ends. We went to Kohl's next. Big mistake! I think we were in line for 2 hours. Not worth it for the crap we got, but we did it anyways. Then we went and ate at Applebee's. After that, all of us but dad went to see Breaking Dawn. Mom and I loved it, but the boys were pretty much miserable through it! HAHA!
On Saturday, Mom and I did some more shopping while dad went to Cabela's. Jerry, Derek and the boys stayed home and played video games. Then the family went home. They took Lexy with them because Jerry and I are going to Chicago on Thursday to see a Bear's game. I was so sad to see her leave and miss her so much, but it's only for like 9 days, but it is 9 days too long.

The boys playing games. I don't even know who won. I was just grateful I didn't have play. I am not a big fan of board games especially Monopoly.

The got Jerry to play some Yahtzee!

Mom peeling potatoes

My festive decorations!

What the guys did best during Thanksgiving. And sweet, sweet Lexy wishing one of them would throw her rat!

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